Saturday, April 30, 2011

House Stuff.

It's funny how as I get older I get unnaturally excited about odd little things.
Mostly my excitement has to do with something in our house, our dog, or something I cleaned.
Here are some examples:
- we recently got a new mega-whopping vacuum cleaner. I was so excited to vacuum with it for the first time that I had to take a video of the event and send it to Hubs while he was at work. 
- purchasing a new organic tablecloth is the highlight of my...week. (do I have a life?)
- Fabienne learned how to swim a few weeks ago - in the bathtub. I thought it was the coolest thing ever - for about three days.
Anyway, I think you get the picture.
Little things brighten my life - and I love it. 
Over the past few weeks I have collected some new things for the house 
(our 'house' that is really an apartment - I just like the word house better because it is our home and it sounds a little nicer).
So I thought it would be fun to share a few little things with you!

I got this Birdcage at Joann Fabrics.
I had seen it for months and didn't get it - but then it went to 50% off ($16.99!) and I had to get it.
I am such a sucker for bird decor.
So now it's hanging on a wall in the dining room.
Everytime Josh walks by he bumps into it - he hates it.

Remember my post a few weeks ago about blue and white
well...I went out and got a few things for our new dining room set guessed and white!
Cow creamer - Target
Blue Glasses - Vintage from my Memaw
Porcelain Birds - Michael's

Sorry for the crappy photos.
I took them last week while cooking Easter dinner and didn't care much about the photos as much as my burning food.
Placemat, tablecloth, plates, square dish - Target

My Memaw gave me this vintage plate (with a wall hanger!) to match the dining room.
I remember when I was a young girl she had this hanging on her wall in her dining room. 

Our bathroom was in desperate need of a Springtime makeover.
I wish I had some before pictures but...I'm too ADD and forgot.
Before the colors were browns and dark blues. Perfect for the winter months and it was super cozy but I just had to brighten things up for Spring. 
Again with the birds...It's funny because I hate real birds.
Shower curtain - Target
Birdcage wall decor - Michaels

One last thing on the subject of our home.
If you do not have a wax melting pot...get one!
I can't believe I ever lived without it.
You can get the pot for as cheap as $3 at Wal-mart and the wax cubes are only $2 for 6 - which last forever.
Wal-mart has dozens of different wax scents and the smells are not overpowering. 
My favorite scents are Clothesline Linen and Mixed Berry Cheesecake.
I always have this thing lit.
Get one.

Last thing to note
My giveaway ends tonight at 11pm!
Make sure that you all are entered for your chance to win!
Good luck, friends!

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