Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Came Early...

Today Josh adopted me a puppy!
She is a Chihuahua Dachshund mix.
Or as my youngest brother calls her:
A Chiweenie.
I have been talking about wanting a puppy for awhile now, not seriously though. 
I love Winnie so much that I didn't want a puppy to come in and steal all my attention.
Josh came home the other night and said he had a surprise for me.
While at work, a young couple came in and the man had tucked inside his jacket, a little puppy.
Apparently Josh fell in love right on the spot.
He called me right away - so excited.
He got the breeder's number from the couple and we have a puppy.
It was all him.
I was actually quite hesitant on the idea.
I wanted to make sure we were going to have enough time to devote to this tiny pup.
We talked about it for a few days, making sure it was going to be a good decision.
So this afternoon when Josh got home from school we got in the car and brought home our little love.
Josh being the History nut that he is is always filling my brain with History facts.
Well the other night he was telling me something-or-other and he mentioned the name Fabian.
As soon as I heard the name I said: "If we get that puppy can we name her Fabian?"
He of course was so excited.
Well, I changed the spelling to the female spelling and...
Now we have our little Fabienne.
The meaning of her name: The Bean or Bean Grower.

She is my Little Bean

Our Family.
My heart is full.

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