Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's going on.

Today was my first day back to work...
Since Saturday that is.
How I managed that, I have no idea. 
Work was as gruesome as always.
It was worse today though because I had to leave the precious little Bean home alone for the first time.
I felt like such an awful person. 
She doesn't know anything about this strange house and all it's scary unknown places.
All she knows is my lap, and the places where I let her play.
-Josh doesn't believe in crating animals and didn't want me to get her a crate.-
So we bought two baby gates and gated off the kitchen as "her room"
I didn't leave her in the there today while we were at work; bad choice...but I was afraid that the cat would bully her all day and I didn't want her to be upset.
I think she knows that the kitchen is her area and so when I didn't leave her in there, but rather in the bathroom -  
she was terrified. 
I set up the coziest bed of blankets and her pillow and all her toys.
Laid out fresh papers for her to potty on, and gave her water and food.
-If I were a puppy I would have loved being in there.-
She didn't.
I came home at 6 to a traumatized shaking little pup.
She had thrown up her food, I think because she was so upset.
When I picked her up she had a little pee-pee accident because she was so upset.
If that wasn't bad enough, the pilot light of our furnace had gone out at some point in the day leaving my poor little Fabienne to freeze as the heater blew out cold air all day.
I was distraught when I scooped her up.
How could I have done this to my precious little baby.
-Josh and I are softies when it comes to our pets-
For twenty minutes after I got home she was shaking and crying in my arms.
-I'm hoping that her constant shaking is just the Chihuahua in her coming out- 
What have we gotten ourselves into?!
Tomorrow a friend of mine is going to come over and puppy-sit while we are at work. 
Thank God.
The neighbors are angry from all of her crying.
I don't care though.
If they say anything to me I will say "Karma is a B*tch, Psychos"
We have been listening to their puppy cry since November.
Josh doesn't get home until 9 tonight.
He has been gone since 5:30 this morning. 
I miss him.
I haven't had a phone since Friday so it's been hard for me not to always be in touch with him.
I love not having a phone though.
I hate texting.
I love that now I don't have to worry about texting or feeling like someone is going to be offended if I don't text them. I get that alot from quite a few people. 
Josh is bringing me home a new phone tonight; though I am not going to text often at all.
Only him of course. 
I try and text my mom often, but she doesn't ever text me back.
So we usually talk on the phone.
The dryer in our apartment isn't working.
I have three laundry baskets of wet clothes.
I'm hoping that tonight the dryer will be back in order.
there is a leak in the living room window up near the top.
It got the floor soaked before I discovered it.
I put a bowl under the leak to catch the water...the cat keeps drinking it. 
We got Netflix over the weekend finally.
We have been going to get it for months but we always forget.
I've been watching way too many movies online. 
Way too many.
I don't know how to light the heater so it's freezing in here.
I lit a bunch of candles to help.
They're saying it's going to be an early spring. Whoever they are.
What a joke.
I'm starting to believe that we are in an Ice Age.
No joke. 
My cabin fever is worse than ever.

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