Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two cups full of morning gloom after a pleasant afternoon.

I just got finished bawling my eyes out.
Josh came in and sat next to me and I just couldn't help it.
Now, I hate to sound obnoxious with my "I hate my job" routine but I can't help it.
When I have a day off I constantly am thinking of having to go to work the next morning. 
I couldn't eat dinner tonight because I was so sick from the thought of having to be there tomorrow.
Don't get me wrong...
I love waking up early, getting ready to live another day. That makes me so happy.
It's the thought of how I will be treated by my "superiors" that makes me sick.
That's all.
It's not the customers. I absolutely love talking to people.
It's not my co-workers. I love them almost like family.
In fact, that is one of the only reasons I am still working.
I can't find it in my heart to leave them.
Josh told me that we could probably get by with me finding just a part time job.
I would feel awful though. 
Because it's not that I don't want to work.
I just want to be treated with an ounce of respect.
Too bad that's not how it works.
I think it's all down to just praying hard about what I should do.
On a happier note!
My family came to visit us tonight! Even my dad was able to come!
I was so thrilled to see them all.
I miss my family so much.
I made some pasta and garlic bread for dinner and this afternoon I made some coconut cookies.
It was alot of fun having them all squeeze into our little apartment and eat a messy dinner.
They met Fabienne for the first time too! I thought they were going to smuggle her away when they left.

Lovely evening. 
And I made Josh something today...

Isn't it cute.
He *loves* Groucho Marx.
I threw it together in about 15 minutes with some felt, hot glue and one of his work shirts.
He loves it. 
Oh the weird things I do for my Hubby.
It's love.
Sleep is calling my name.

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