Monday, February 21, 2011



As I write this I am sitting in bed with my soundly sleeping husband on my left,
cat sleeping on my legs, and the cutest puppy all snuggled up sleeping with Daddy.
I don't know if I could love my family any more than I do.
I know that when we have some actual human children of our own I will be thinking that same thing.
I cannot wait to be a mother.
Only 2 years to go until Josh is done with school - then maybe we will start with that.
But until then...
I love Monday's and Tuesday's like you wouldn't believe. 
--I have both days off from Macy's--
Today, however, I woke up awfully sick.
My throat is swollen and hurts to swallow, my head is all stuffed up, and Aunt Scarlet decided to show up.
My eyes were bloodshot and itchy too.

gross ^

On top of all that the house was a mess and we had no groceries.
So you can guess what I spent the morning doing.
I met Josh in town before he had to work and we grocery shopped together. 
We always go together - even though we hate the task...better to do it together. hehe.

^ Can't you tell I was dreading putting all that stuff away?

I made Fabienne the cutest little collar and gave her a bath so that she was darling and fresh for Daddy.

 ^ New collar                                ^ Just out of the tub

I think making her cute accessories is going to become a habit. 

What a silly puppy.
Josh brought home lots of ice pops for my sore throat so I have been eating them all night.
I can't quite get sleepy yet.
I think it's from all of this sickness.
I forgot to mention.
Last night Hubby took me out on a date.
Sunday's are our special days and usually every other Sunday we go out.
Yesterday we went to dinner and then to the dollar theater for a show.

I think it is so important to go out together.
It makes me remember our dating days.
It's fun to remember.
As much as I complain about work, the weather, etc...I love this life that I have.
I love every single moment that I spend with my husband.
Every second is a treasure.
These are the happiest days of our lives; though they may be filled with annoying hindrances.
Little things become such an important part of our daily lives - 
Making sure we eat dinner every night together, going to bed at 9 together (even if I'm not sleeping ;), 
waking up at 5 am to fix our lunches together.
I love the little routine things.
I love my little family.


Sweet Dreams. 

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