Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Home?

I don't think that I can make it until our lease is up in October.
As much as I love our cozy little apartment - I cannot stand the surroundings.
The neighbors are making me angrier than ever with their loud, booming music and all the dog crap that they leave all over the backyard.
On Sunday they had their music blasting from 9am until after 11pm.
Not even kidding.
I don't know how someone can stand to listen to garbage so loud for 14 hours straight.
I told Josh that I bet that they just turned it up and left for the day.
They do things like that to make us angry.
I would have called and complained but no one is on staff on Sundays.
I wrote an email to our Landlord today telling of all my complaints.
Even if nothing gets better from it at least I can feel like I vented.
The neighbors aren't the only bad thing about this place.
People are constantly stealing our parking spots, forcing us to park in another lot.
The snow is all melting and leaking in the windows.
It is extremely over-priced.
I just hate this community we live in.
We have been looking into a bunch of different things. 
My ideal choice is to buy a little double-wide and move it onto the land that my parents own across the road from their house now. We could have our own driveway, a yard where Fabs could actually be outside and play, a garden - the possibilities are endless!
But unfortunately that isn't a real practical choice right now since my parents live almost an hour away from any good school that Josh could go to or any place that we could work. 
In a perfect world.
For now I have to think apartments.
As you know, I would love to live above a shop on Main Street.
I have been looking into them.
They're not any more expensive than what we're paying now.
Only most of them are smaller - I don't think I could go smaller.
I love our spacious apartment.
We definitely want to live in town. It's so close to Josh's jobs and school. 
I shouldn't even be thinking of a new apartment because we still have like eight months left here to go.
It's fun though to imagine.
Anyway, today I was off from work.
I invited my family out to visit for the day but they couldn't come.
I haven't seen them since Jake's birthday and I'm starting to get depressed because of it.
I can't wait until warmer weather and it's easier for us to get together because the roads won't be so bad.
I cleaned all morning.
Not that there was much to clean since I just cleaned on Sunday.
But just the basic stuff like vacuuming, mopping, etc.
We really need to go grocery shopping; we hate it so much so we put it off until we're starving.
The weather is such a bugger today.
So deceiving.
The sun is shining so bright and warm in the windows.
It's 27 degrees outside.
"ha! I fooled you, you stupid girl!" says the sun.
Just a few more weeks I keep telling myself. 
Then it won't be freezing anymore.
I promise that when the warm weather comes, my posts will not be boring anymore!
There will actually be things to do and I won't talk about cleaning, or the weather anymore!

At least little Fabs is enjoying the sun!

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