Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Florida Dreams.

I really wish that Josh and I were going to Florida again this year.
I wish it more than anything else.
Josh's family is going down in a few weeks, just like we all did last year.
We just can't cut it this year.
Josh can't take off any time from school or work.
I have a week and one day's PTO for the year but I'm saving that for later in the summer.
It's really sad that we can't go. 
I almost want to cry.
We all had so much fun last year and Josh's family is so amazing.
-Most all of his family lives down there so we visited them all-
Yeah, this is just making it so much worse for me.
Last year Josh and I flew down together.
His family was already there.
We were there for 7 or 8 days I think - I forget exactly.
The weather wasn't very warm but I got the worst sunburn of my life anyway.
We went to multiple different beaches, ate out at fancy restaurants everyday, went to shops.
Oh it was so delightful.
The best part though was seeing Josh all day every day for so long.
We're planning our own vacation for June or July.
Going to road trip down the coast and visit little towns and beaches.
We probably won't make it all the way down to Florida though *sad*
We were also thinking of just going to Florida in the summer instead of road tripping.
But I don't know yet what we will end up doing.

I stole this photo from Aunt Cindy's Facebook ^

Well...I guess it's time to go to work now and stop thinking of the Sunshine State.

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