Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little boxes on the hillside

I don't really have much to blog about tonight. 
I've been watching Weeds lately.
I have had the theme song stuck in my head for days...hence the title for this post. 
I'm very sensitive at the moment. 
I'm not sure why but every little thing is making me more irritated. This doesn't usually happen.
I have a lot of random stuff drizzling through my mind.
Stuff like...

- I cannot believe how addicted I am to Jersey Shore. You can say what you want about this but your obsession with Glee is probably just as horrible - personally - I think it's worse. But who am I to say anything.

- I love that Josh has been talking to be about the idea of possibly moving to Newfane in the semi-near future.

- I wish I had the motivation to go out and get a gym membership and work out regularly. 

- I am so excited to be planning our first summer vacation together. Oh the possibilities!

- It almost breaks my heart that my Little Fabienne is growing up so fast. I'm not ready for this!

- I want to be a mom - not just of some cute animals.

- I want to be a mom really bad. 

- I miss my old church and all of the people that I grew up with.

- I want to make a tuna fish sammich right now but I don't want the house to stink.

- My husband (who is sitting by my feet watching Welcome To Mooseport just because Ray Romano is in it) is the cutest person that I will ever know. I just can't handle it sometimes. I still get major butterflies when I know he's going to walk in the door at any moment. 

- I love that said husband just said: "I think Raymond is beautiful". 


Sorry for rambling on. I have a lot on my mind dontcha know.
I guess I will end with a few photos from the past few days and let you be on your merry way.


The photo on the left is dinner from the other night.
Mozzarella cheese wrapped in breaded chicken with an Alfredo/tomato sauce and tortellini! 
The photo on the right is the same meal, just revamped as the next nights leftovers.

I made Pavlova for dessert. It was flat though instead of mountainous. Next time...

This picture makes me laugh out loud. The cat.

my life is so complete ^

Winston is champion at closing his eyes for every single photo ever taken of him.

They don't appreciate me taking pictures of them sleeping at 7am.
How else am I supposed to capture that moment though?

I got a whole bunch of new earrings today at work for next to nothing.
These are totally not my typical style but I figured that Guess for $2 is cool.
I think they're awesome.

Time for a Third Rock From the Sun marathon with Josh.
Yeah, that's right...we are watching it from first to last season.
I wasn't very excited about this new endeavor...until I found out that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is one of the main characters.
Although...He's in that weird stage. 
Not little boy cute like in Angels in the Outfield  or the smokin' hot cute like in 500 Days of Summer.
He's a weird tweeny age. But still...


Goodnight Young Folks!

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