Sunday, February 27, 2011


I bought Josh some kick-butt boots today.
He has needed boots sooo badly all winter.
I brought them home and surprised him.
This is what he said:
"This is my favorite thing that has happened to me since marriage!"
Made my day.
He is the cutest.
I felt really guilty though that I hadn't gotten him some earlier.
*bad wife*
I had to wait until Macy's marked down all their winter boots though.
He didn't want to spend any money on shoes he will only wear for a short time.
So practical that boy is.
I got a pair of $145 boots for $24.
I didn't think he would mind that much.
Sundays are my favorite day of the week.
Every other Sunday we go out on a date.
This week was the stay-at-home Sunday.
On these days I make a very special dinner and we enjoy each other's company all day long.
It's the best.
I can't wait for tomorrow either!
I have the day off work and I am getting up early to make Josh a big delicious breakfast.
He's coming home between working at the library and school to spend an hour with me.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday are our Breakfast Mornings.
He comes home special at 9am...just for an hour...but it's so worth it.
No photos tonight.
Hopefully tomorrow.
Sweet Dreams Little Fairies.

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