Saturday, January 29, 2011

Super Steal!

the past few days at work I have been extremely miserable.
so miserable that I just want to walk out the doors with my middle finger salute held high and say a few choice words.
today was a little bit better.
a girl comes in with a whole bunch of crap that she ordered online 
that she didn't end up liking and wanted to return.
In her bag full of items was a pair of Ray Ban Sunglasses.
well, our store doesn't carry Ray Ban's (only the bigger stores carry them).
When our store gets a return that we don't carry, that item automatically goes to whatever 
the clearance prices are for the week.
this week the clearance is 65%!
the glasses were never even taken out of the packaging. 
she paid $135 on the internet.
with the clearance, plus my discounts they came down to $23.
it gets even better than that!
because I opened 30 accounts (only by the grace of God am I still alive) in the past month
I was given $30 cash by my manager.
that means...
I still have $7 in my pocket!
today was a pretty good day.

 I was so excited that they were not Wayfarers. 
I can't wear those because my face is way too round.
These are oversized just how I like my sunnies!

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