Monday, January 31, 2011


wait a second?
do I really have a spare moment to write a snippet?
Today I went to Henrietta with Danielle and Steph.
we went to the dollar theater and paid $.75 to see Due Date.
It was hilarious.
Although, I do feel a little guilty since Josh has wanted to see it for months and I went with the girls.
I would be up for seeing it again though, don't worry Husby.
After the movie we went to the mall to see the puppies from the pet store.
I fell in love with a tiny Pekingese baby girl (I think she is mostly Japanese Chin though).
Josh and I have been on this kick where we want a funny looking dog.
Well, this little gem was definitely funny looking.
but she was precious.
After the pet store we went to Chipotle and got burritos the size of my purse.
so delicious.
I got Josh a sub from DiBella's because I knew I wouldn't feel like cooking tonight.
I haven't been out with the girls in months, it was a fun time.
Now I'm home cuddling on the couch with little Winnie waiting for Josh to get home from work.
We were supposed to go to a concert tonight but we are both just too exhausted and neither of us want to drive to the city (me for the second time today)
Josh has been going to work/school 17 hours a day last week.
I make him eat lots and go to bed early so he doesn't get sick.
So yeah, 
our existence (especially mine) has been rather boring lately.
At least I am home often, I feel bad for Josh who doesn't get much home time.

this is my precious little pup that I so dearly want to adopt into our family.
I named her Peek-A-Boo. 
Peek-A-Boo the Pekingese/Japanese Chin ^^ 

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