Friday, January 21, 2011

the snow has driven me mad

is it spring yet?
i am getting cabin fever like you would not believe. 
not that i am even in my house enough to have it...
with every snowflake that falls i get more frustrated with winter.
i am sick of my feet always getting wet and freezing the moment i walk out the door, i am sick of driving slow everywhere because no one knows how to snowplow around here. i'm sick of worrying about josh driving the horrible green car. i am just plain fed up! i cant take this any longer!
i have even stopped using capital letters because i am just so annoyed.
while we are on the topic of me being frustrated...
i hate my job. i hate it, i hate it, i hate it!!
i get sick to my stomach every time i have to walk into that macy's employee door that no one ever unlocks.
i have been crafting in all of my spare time lately...making the cutest jewelry, shoe clips, skirts, headbands...whatever you can think of. I have also started to refinish antique furniture (barely started i should add). i need something major to keep me busy when josh starts his new job and school on monday. but you know what...with all this crafting (and dont let me forget my photography that i have been doing non-stop for years) it all just makes me want to quit my boring jewelry job at macys and work from home jsut crafting and cooking. of course, you all should know my lifelong dream that i have - - if not, let me fill you in real quick. 
aside from being a stay at home mom with lots of kids (one day) my dream is to: 
live in an apartment on main street (any main street will do - so long as it's clean and busy - if there is such a thing) above a little shop. the shop would be mine. i dont have a name for it yet, but it would be simple. in the mornings i would walk down the stairs of our apartment and unlock my little shop door and have a magical little place for everyone to enjoy. i would sit there, in my little shop and make pretty little things. the walls would be filled with photographs that you would look at and think "i am going to do something great. even if its just smile today. that would be grand enough for this simple day." you could buy the photographs if you wanted...or just look at them for awhile. i would sell all of the cute things i made. everyone would have the greatest style. vintage and homemade...that's all that i would have. also, if you wanted, you could have a cup of tea and relax in a big comfy chair and read through some old books that would be on the table (the table that i saved from a life of mold and rot and refinished into a beautiful piece). it would be the happiest place. so full of love and hard work. you would come again and again. i wouldn't really do it to make money...just for a hobby. the shop would be closed on sunday's though. so my husband and i could go to church and then go home to a pot roast. 
that is my dream. 
i guess its a pretty big dream seeing as the world isn't that easy.
maybe one day though, 
one day when josh is a teacher 
when i dont really have to have a real job.
yes, one day you will see.

maybe when spring comes i will be a bit less suffocated by my job situation, because really...that's what it all boils down to. everything else is going quite grandiose. marriage is so much fun. i could go on talking about that for hours but i am really tired and i would like to get around to maybe posting some random photos. so yeah, i think i will get on that now.

au revoir

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