Tuesday, January 11, 2011

today at the goodwill...

I went to the Goodwill tonight after work. 
I originally went to find some old vintage clothes for some photo shoots that  I've been working on...
I didn't get anything for that. blegh. 
I got a few other cool things and spent only $4.

"Staten Island Ferry" pin
I've actually been on the ferry; I thought it was cool. ^^

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories. 
I loved the print on this silk scarf.
beat that. ^

Like we need any more glasses or mugs.
We barely use the ones we have.
Oh...but I couldn't resist. 
They were 50% off.

"I'm easy to get along with when things go my way."
1978 Garfield McDonald's mug. ^

is awesome.
Even though we don't drink; it is still awesome. 

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