Thursday, April 21, 2011

Inspiration: Easter Attire

Easter is one of my very favorite holidays in which I dress up. I love all the pastel colors and girly frocks. Sadly though, this year we aren't getting together with family because Josh has to work all day (how horrible is that?). It's okay though, I am still going to get dressed up and look my prettiest. I am actually looking forward to not having to go anywhere. We haven't spent a holiday just the two of us yet and I cannot wait to make a lovely dinner and spend some quality holiday time together.

With all that being said. I don't really have a special Easter outfit for this year - just going to wear something from the back of my closet that hasn't seen the light for seven or so cold months. I thought that I would do a post of lovely Easter-y dresses to inspire.




The following photos are from petite-lapine.
You must check her Tumblr out - absolutely lovely.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday.


  1. Love that shot of Leighton, such lovely images. Thanks for being so photographic and letting me showcase Marcella's work.

  2. Definitely!

    Your blog is wonderful, by the way. I absolutely love diy and home decorating. So lovely.


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