Friday, March 18, 2011

Ways to fit creativity into your busy life.

 Ways to fit creativity into your busy life.
  • Set an alarm and go create: Make an appointment with yourself and treat it as much of a priority as getting up in the morning.
  • Wake up earlier or go to bed later: Squeeze in the quiet time when everyone else is asleep.
  • Keep it accessible: Keep materials & projects in progress close at hand so you can squeeze in a few minutes here & there.
  • Listen to audio books instead of reading: This frees your hands to create.
  • Plan creative outings: They are as important as date nights with your significant other.
  • Carry a camera at all times: Photography is a perfect, sometimes quick way to express creativity, document your life and generate ideas.
  • Have a travel kit: Stick your favorite supplies into a small bag and tuck it into your purse. When a few spare minutes pop up, you're ready to create.
  • Invest in a small idea book: Keep a small notebook handy to jot down creative ideas on the go.
  • Get & stay organized: The less you have to clean or hunt supplies, the more time you have to create.
  • Craft in public: at restaurants, waiting at the dr's office, etc etc. 
  • Multi-task: If you love your evening tv shows, work while they are on.
  • or Kick the television to the curb: you may be surprised just how much free time this generates.
  • Lists are good: Make art a priority on your to-do list.
  • Commit to a 365 project: whatever your medium, make a public commitment to do it daily & be accountable by sharing with the world.
  • Browsing Counts: Checking galleries, reading blogs, paging through magazines... if it inspires you, it's honoring your creativity.
  • Create Routines: Grab a glass of wine and wind down while sketching. Doodle while drinking your morning coffee. It just takes 28 days to make a behavior a habit. Use that.
  • Mix work and play: Find an aspect of your job that would benefit from a creative class.
  • Give Handmade: Instead of buying cards, create them. Instead of buying gift wrap, make it. 
  • Turn off the electronics: Shut down the computer. Turn the ringer off your phone. Let your thumbs rest from texting. Enjoy the spare time.
  • Put your money where your mouth is: When you take the plunge & splurge on a class or specific materials, you are more apt to use them and follow through.
  • Embrace assembly lines: It's a given to create multiple pieces at once.
  • Join a group: Find a local art guild, craft club or start one yourself. The regular meetings are sure to keep creativity in your life.
  • Learn a new skill: Tired of the same ol' same? Choose something you've wanted to do for awhile and learn it. Practice not only makes perfect, it keeps you creating.
  • Rethink Social Outings: Instead of going to dinner, go paint pottery. Instead of seeing a movie, host an art party.

I am going to work so hard to do every one of these. 

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