Sunday, March 13, 2011

Update and a new room.

Yesterday I spent the entire day creating a crafting/work space for myself. 
I threw out tons of crap, moved the pantry into the smaller closet and viola! 
A much better use of space. I needed a space to work on my crafts and projects. 
I've been working on creating an etsy shop and hopefully will have it up and open for business by the end of the week. This makes me very excited. I didn't really think about selling my things that I make until people at work (customers too) asked me if I sell all the accessories that I wear and if they could buy them.
I don't care if I only sell one single thing. That would make me so happy. If I don't, that's fine too, it gives me something to do. Mostly my etsy will be all the things that I craft pieces (which I make the most of), apparel that I design, and jewelry. I am trying to work a whole lot more on the jewelry part of my work. There will also be a small amount of vintage jewelry and accessories. I am hoping to add some matted photography in there too.During the summer I am also going to significantly work on photography. It has always been my most treasured hobby and I want to keep it up and not get overwhelmed by all the other things I want to work on. In my last post I briefly mentioned a photo project I have been planning out. I am so excited to start that. I just need to wait for a little bit warmer weather.  Other than that I don't have many other things to mention. I had the weekend off and it was very productive as you may have gathered from the above ramblings. I haven't been working so much lately and this week is an especially light schedule. Josh has Spring Break all this week too, what a coincidence *hehe*. On Tuesday we are going to Canandaigua Lake (where we got engaged) for a picnic and a nice time out. Not really, we're just going there because it's near the Apple Store and Josh needs to get his pod fixed. But I can pretend that we're going there just for fun, can't I? Then that evening we are going to the Wong's house for dinner (our friends from church). They just recently had a precious baby boy and I am so excited to see him and visit with our friends. Not sure what the rest of the week has in-store aside from work. At least I get to see my husby a lot more than I usually do!

Josh came home and said "How come you get a fun space! I want one!" I replied: "The entire house is your fun space!" It's true. He has his books and stuff everywhere. *sticks out tongue*
Shadowbox of embroidery thread. ^ 

Today I worked on a new collection for spring. This is the first set for Spring 2011.  I think I am going to call this set: "Vintage Mermaid". The pearls and lace give it a vintage look and the seafoam-y blue feels mermaid-like, but I feel like it's more elegant that mer-ish. Thoughts?

The pearls are vintage that I got at either a yard sale or from my mom somehow? I've had them for so long that I don't remember where they came from. 

 This is the large-sized snap clip. My personal favorite type of hairpiece. They're so easy to throw on with any outfit to add a little oomph. 

This headband is wrapped in white lace and then has two fabric flower accents. I can't wait to wear this with a thin cotton summer dress. The headband piece is perfect for dressing up your outfit a little bit more than with just the snap clip piece. I use the same type of headband as I use for the feather headbands

This is the quirky elastic headband piece. You can wear it like a hippie-band, higher on your head, or even as a wrapped around bracelet (not pictured). 

Hope you enjoyed getting a first glimpse at my new Spring 2011 collection!

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  1. Hi Jorda, I read all of your pages and enjoyed each one so much! Are you still working at Macys? I saw a little message in facebook that said 'Quit'. Then in your profile you said "worked" at Macys. Just curious if you are going to work full time on your new business. I am looking forward to any new pages when you have the time for them. Love, Memaw


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