Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anthropologie, Sunshine, Vintage, Friends, Love

Today was filled with so many fun adventures and new memories.
First off, I woke up really early and let the sunshine fill the house. 
Then I did my work out (30 Day Shred) that is literally shredding my body, but not in the way it's supposed to...more like shredding my body to aching pieces. I'm addicted too. 
After that I showered and got ready for the day. Then it was 9:30 and Josh got home from the Library where he was working. When he got home we quick left for our adventure. First we went to Victor to the big mall because that's the closest Apple store to us aside from Buffalo. A few months ago, the cat spilled water on all of our electronics and the Ipod was the only thing to completely stop working. It was brand new *sad face*. So we went and this really cool jolly guy named Nate helped us out and gave Josh a brand new Ipod, no questions asked. Very cool. While we were there I *had* to play with the new Ipad. I fell so in love. I'm not very into electronics...but this was just amazing. All I could think about was how freaking easy it would be to blog, update my soon to be etsy shop, keep photos on, etc. Josh said I could get one with our tax return money if he could get a new xbox...but we both finally agreed that we need to save some and also buy a dining room set and new sofa. *sigh* Sometimes I hate having to make adult choices. 
After the Apple store I dragged Josh to Forever21. I hate the one at this mall because it is so tiny and unorganized. I'm used to going to the 2-story one in Buffalo that has different room for each fashion genre. But they had cute stuff nevertheless. I tried on a bunch of spring dresses and skirts that made me so happy. I picked out my two favorites and asked Josh which one he liked better and which one I should get. He replied "get them both, honey!" I was so excited. usually he doesn't care much about my shopping choices, hehe. 
Then...we went to heaven...aka: Anthropologie. My favorite place on shopping earth. I wanted to stay there forever and make it my home. I hate that it is so ridiculously expensive. I would never spend $14 for one plate, or $178 for a skirt no matter how adorable it might be. 

Oh, P.S...
We walked through Macy's and I stole all there visual designs for their jewelry dept and I'm going to copy them at our store so we look nice and organized like this one. Shh. I'm going to say I made the ideas up myself. 
After the mall we went to Canandaigua Lake! That's where Josh proposed to me. We were going to reenact it for fun but there was a whole bunch of people standing around and we didn't want them to think it was real. We walked around the lake for a while, then went to Main Street to do some antiquing in all the adorable little shops. That town is one of my favorite places to be. It was so warm today too, 53degrees! I wore bare legs and no coat. It was heavenly. I was so excited with all the finds that I got while antiquing. Lots of jewelry for under $5! I'll show you a few of them in a second. 
Finally though we had to go home. Josh was getting tired and I wanted to make some fresh fruit crepes to take to our dinner engagement that we had with some friends. So then at 6 we went to town to our friends Chelsea and Bently's for dinner. It was delicious and so much fun to hang out with them. Plus I got to hold their precious 7 week old baby boy, Caleb. Holding a baby is one of the best feelings I think. Aside from housing that baby in your belly for 9 months and then giving birth, I think that might just be a little bit of a better feeling *smiles inside*. I cannot wait for the day when we are ready to settle down and expand our little family. Being a mother is the number one thing that I want to do with my life. That and keep on taking care of my lovely Hubs. He is my joy right now. 
Again, today was absolutely lovely. 
If only every day could be as wonderful.

I want to live here so badly. ^

new pieces from Forever.

I got all this vintage jewelry plus more for under $5!


I hope you all had lovely days as well. The sunshine would make anyone happy!


  1. Isn't caleb the cutest?? I loved holding such a tiny baby. We should both have one! hehe... we should both work on convincing our husbands :-p

  2. He is precious. We should! I always think about it and think that we should be pregnant at the same time. It would be so neat, and our babies could grow up together, hehe.


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