Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Kill Some Nazi's...

I was going through my box of letters that I have received throughout my life and I found a couple that I forgot about from my now...husband.
The one letter he put in my car one morning almost 2 years ago.
I had slept over at his family's house and the next morning they all left for vacation.
They didn't wake me up or anything. Just left. I thought that was hilarious.
When I woke up I quick grabbed my stuff and went to my car to leave. 
When I got to my car I realized that it had been kind of broken into and on the front seat there was a note.
This is what the note said:
"Goodbye Jordan! Have a good time on your birthday. Be a rebel. Oh yeah, and kill some Nazi's."
We weren't dating then.
It was the middle of summer...the summer before we started dating (December 5th 2009).
That was one of the many signs that I knew he loved me. As weird as it might be. 
---someday I will have to tell the story of how my husband and I came to is worth the time.---
The second letter that I found that made me happy is quite a different letter from the first.
About six months passed between these two particular notes.
Here is a tiny snippet that I will share with you :P
"The thought of marrying you and holding you quickens my step and puts a shine in my eye. Sometimes I get discouraged when people tell me I won't be able to support you and that we have to wait, but then, I laugh because love is all-important and the scenery doesn't matter. The only way to live is by experiencing it and money will fall into place."
I love this because it makes me laugh. 
It makes me smile.
I love that we weren't afraid to do what everyone else was telling us not to do.
It kind of makes me giggle too because we haven't had a single struggle since we have been married.
At least, the struggles that we (and everyone else) were worried about.
God had a plan for us, and he's still working that plan.
We trusted him with everything and now look at us. 
We couldn't be happier together.
So sorry to be so sappy and preachy.
It's these kinds of things that make me happy. The sappy things.

I am such a messy person. ^

Oh yeah,
Today at work I bought some boots.
Maker: BCBG
Original Price: $149.00
I paid: $12.15
I almost like this deal better than my free Ray Bans. 

I decided to sleep in instead of getting up early enough to do my hair nice for work this morning.
So I threw it up in a messy bun and put on a nice headband to make it look professional. 
When I took my hair out I looked like I stuck a butter knife in a socket.
*see above*

Last thing...
When I laid Fabienne's papers in her room this morning I noticed this ^
We don't do crossword puzzles.
dun dun dunnn....

Now it's time for me to watch a bunch of episodes of Weeds, eat alot of food, and wait for my hubby to get home so that we can go to bed. fun.

So Long.

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