Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Go Outside.

I really want to go out
I really want to go outside and make it light all day.

Today I cleaned the house.
Opened all the windows because I thought that the animals needed fresh air even though it was 34 degrees.
I made a ton of little crafts to keep me occupied.
Watched the entire third season of Weeds.
---I watch too much Weeds. Josh is starting to worry about me becoming an *entrepreneur*---
When Josh got home at 4:30 he gave me the puppy dog eyes because a new book he's been waiting for came out today and wanted to drive to Greece to get it.
And even though this was the one day that I didn't have to drive to Greece, I couldn't say no to that cute face.
So, we went to get the book.
Ended up buying a whole bunch of books, going to Salvo and then eating dinner at Chili's.
Such a fun time.
We had some great conversations about the government, having children, and how much we love that we're married and don't have to do that horrible dating thing anymore. 
My day of crafting:

And that's not even messy compared to the usual.

 The sun piece I threw together with just the scraps that I had left over from cutting out a different thing.
I think it looks pretty good considering that it wasn't intentional.
The feather headbands are my favorites.
I've made them in so many different color combos and people always ask me about them.

The fabric flower clips are my absolute favorite. I have dozens. I wear one every day.


The progression of the sewing machine. ^

We bought a brass key for 69 cents to hang in the kitchen.
And the cutest little chair for me to refinish for 5 dollars.
I can't wait to work on it!


Time to shower and go to bed.
Back to work tomorrow. 



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