Monday, December 6, 2010

winston the kitten

This is our kitten. 
we named her Winston...yeah, like Churchill, but not after him.
at first we thought she was a boy (hence her boyish name)
but then we decided that she was a girl so we call her Winnie.
But now that she is a little bit older and her body is growing up some
we're afraid that she is in fact...a boy.
I told Josh that I would never allow a male animal to live in our house.
They smell worse and try to hump you even if they're neutered.
This was purely an accident and since we became so attached I said that we could keep her...him?

The first night we had her I gave her a bath
(just so you know, I will continue to refer to Winnie as "her" or "she" because I won't accept the fact that she is a boy)
I thought that she would flip out when I put her in the bathtub. 
she didn't though. I think she liked it. 
Or maybe she was just too scared because she didn't know where she was or what was going on.

When we first brought her home she was so sweet and cuddly
she still is but now that we have had her for about 3 weeks she thinks that she owns the place.
She can be evil (as pictured above ^)
Really though, those scratches on my knee are from her trying to climb up my leg to cuddle on my lap
I was wearing shorts.
She is getting these for Christmas.

Her current favorite thing to is 
to run from one end of the house, through the living room
and jump into the Christmas tree and try to knock down as many ornaments and candy canes as she can
Then I get to vacuum up all the pine needles she knocked off.

Josh loves her.
As you can tell.
No really, she likes that. 

Sleepy time!

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