Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my new found love of coffee

So, my Aunt Carol got Josh and I an awesome coffee pot for one of my bridal showers.
I haven't used it until tonight.
Not because I don't like coffee; I love it.
I haven't used it because I'm lazy and well...I didn't know how to make my own coffee.
Tonight I did!
And it was awesome.
I made us some peppermint chocolate mocha coffee drinks.
oh yeah. 
My new favorite part of my kitchen. 


  1. I'm glad you tried it! My coffee maker is my favorite thing in the kitchen too. The pictures are great <3


  2. I love that my house smells wonderful all the time too!
    I didn't make it for so long because I thought it was time consuming (and expensive) but it is totally not either of those things...well it becomes expensive because I have to have all the yummy creamers and the whipped cream on top...hmm fatty too, eh? oops.


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