Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Friday Again?

These past two weeks have flown by. 
I don't know why, but they have disappeared so quickly.
It's seems like it was just Friday...two Friday's ago actually. 

I got a suit jacket today at work.
Jessica Simpson (blegh) but it's so cute.
for you:
for me:
I need more work clothes.
Not kidding.

My new favorite earrings ^
Betsey Johnson: sometimes I love you.

The crack in our wall is getting bigger.
Good thing we don't own this place.

I got my first package of Peeps today.
Ate the whole thing.
My lost five pounds just found me.
*I've lost five whole pounds just since cutting soda from our diet 2 weeks ago!*
See...I try to make myself feel better about chowing down a whole pack of little yellow bunnies.
It doesn't work.

Fabienne says hello!

I have to go make dinner now.
An extremely late dinner because Josh is just getting out of work now.
No excuse not to feed the man though.
I think I'm making some tangy Asian chicken and lo mein noodles.


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