Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy Bee.

I've been blog lazy this past week. 
Very life busy though.
99% of that business is spent working and driving.
Sunday morning my brother showed up at my door. 
I love when he shows up unannounced.
It's so fun.
My mom came out later in the day and got him.
She brought tons of cute puppy clothes that she got for Fabienne.
I made chili for dinner and we watched the birthing scene from The Backup Plan

Sideways beans.

Monday I worked until 10pm.
Tuesday we went rock climbing with Josh's brothers.
Afterwards we went to Record Archive. 
We felt lame for going all the way there and not buying anything 
so we grabbed a Crystal Castles album on the way out.
We were going to go to a cool place in the city to eat but we couldn't decide where to go...
so we went to Applebee's. Made me so sick. 
Josh and I were so exhausted by the time we got home that we crashed in bed immediately.


Wednesday (today) I worked until 5:30, came home and made dinner, took a tub, that's it.
I'm so tired. 
Josh just went to bed and I'll be joining him in about three minutes. 


Here's some more photos from the week.
Not very interesting at all. 

The cat attacked me. ^

 one evening from the dining room window. ^

If I have to wear pumps one more help me. 

Little Miss Dumbo. 
Her ears get bigger but her head stays the same.
Poor girl has so many problems with her eyes that she constantly has eye goobers from all her tears.

my life as of twenty minutes ago. 
Exhausted husband eating cereal with a measuring spoon because he says he likes to dump it into his mouth?
All the animals.


I wish I had some big news to tell you.
Or at least something slightly exciting.
Another day.
Sweet Dreams.

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