Saturday, January 22, 2011

three months

today josh and i have been married 90 something days
three months
the past three months have been awesome.
we have become extremely unsocial though, only wanting to be together when we're not working, i don't think that's wrong.
i have become alot more patient since being married:
putting up with lots of farts 
having to watch three episodes of everybody loves raymond before going to sleep
making sure the food i cook isn't too hot 
not wearing pants at night when its cold and i want to wear pants
making sure i am the last one to get into bed so that i can turn the furnace up
tucking in the couch covers a zillion times a day
having to share my deodorant because "yours lasts longer than mine"
i have become very patient. 


we have lots of fun too
it it so amazing having this person by your side at all times who you just adore
someone you love so much that you want to squeeze up so tight and close next to in bed at night that he falls off the edge.
someone who asks if they can watch you pee.
someone who likes to pull out the couch bed and watch movies from dawn til dusk.
someone who you can play charades with all night *no talking allowed*
someone who will ask you to dance...just out of the blue.
those moments are priceless.


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