Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our first Christmas: 2010

I know that this is almost two weeks delayed. 
we have been so busy that the last thing I have thought about was blogging.
Finally, our work schedules are back to normal and life is good once again.
never has Christmas been so busy or stressful for me.
working in retail, having two different families to split time between, needing time together...ayiyiy
I am so glad that the holidays are over.
don't get me wrong though, our Christmas was wonderful...absolutely wonderful.
just very tiring.
on Christmas Eve we spent the evening with Josh's family...only after working a 10 hour day from 6am.
we spent a few hours at our friends house with the family; playing games and eating god food.
then we went back to Josh's parents and opened presents.
on Christmas morning I woke up at 7am to finish wrapping presents for my family...last minute always.
when Josh woke up we opened presents and spent the morning together. It was lovely.
After that we drove to Newfane to my family's house and did presents there...lots of presents.
We had a big turkey dinner and visited with family. 
That evening we drove home and went to bed; I had to work at 6am the next morning. 
Sunday night we drove to the southern tier to my grandparents house in the mountains. 
An almost three hour drive in a snow storm. ugh. 
We spent the night there with my family.
There were more presents and more food. 
Monday afternoon we drove home
only after hitting a snowstorm, driving off the road into a farmers cow pasture. 
We got stuck in between some electric fence (that was on) and thought our car was going to blow up.
Thank God though, my parents were driving in front of us and turned around to help push us through the cow pasture 
and into the road on the other side. 
I took some photos with my mom's camera. I don't have them now but you'll see them at some point I'm sure.
We eventually got home and went to bed and got some rest. 

Here's some photos from all our days of Christmas.

Our house on Christmas morning after presents ^^

 My mom's amazing Christmas tree ^^
 We got Jake a G-shock. Perk from working at Macy's.
 My brother's puppy, Izzy.
She's a giant.
 At my Grandparents


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